Power in medical technology – united in two startup centers for the sustainable growth of innovative companies.

Mannheim is a center of medical technology. With the foundation center CUBEX 41 and the business development center CUBEX ONE (as of spring 2021) this medical technology power is now growing even more dynamically. Integrated into the infrastructure of the Mannheim Medical Technology Campus and the  University Medical Center both centers form the perfect environment for companies on a course of growth – only a few minutes' walk away from each other.


While CUBEX 41, as a center for startups and expertise in the field of medical technology, offers everything that is necessary to start a business in this future-oriented field, younger companies will find the ideal breeding ground for successful growth in the business development center CUBEX ONE.

The tenants of both CUBEX buildings benefit from the interdisciplinary networking in the start-up ecosystem NEXT MANNHEIM and the business network of the Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster – for example, with access to the Intervention Room of the Future as a partner of the M2OLIE research campus in CUBEX 41. Both centers are flexible in terms of architecture and equipment, as it is not the size of the space that determines the size of an idea, but its equipment that determines its growth.


CUBEX 41 is structured like a living organism with clearly defined functions. The spatial proximity of the individual areas ensures vitality, which enables efficient networking. With its location on the campus of the University of Mannheim Medical School, the center offers a direct link to the clinical routine of a maximum care provider and the Medical Technology Insitute  of the Mannheim Medical Faculty and the University of Applied Sciences. It is also home to established experts from the Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology (PAMB). 

The center offers 23 facilities on two floors for startups and SMEs in the field of medical technology. Seven office rooms and 16 iCubes between 16 and 25 square meters are available in the center for use as offices or electrical engineering workshops. Among other things, the iCubes provide hot/cold water connections, wash basins, a central technical compressed air supply, three-phase power supply, electrically dissipative flooring and exhaust air technology for the operation of point extraction systems. There are also areas for common use such as an atrium, a tea/coffee kitchen and a meeting room. Thanks to its central location, CUBEX 41 is easily accessible by public transport or bicycle – and a permanent parking facility in the immediate vicinity ensures a stress-free journey. 


Integrated into award-winning, prestigious architecture, the premises in CUBEX ONE will offer a modern coworking area, five equipped laboratories, 50 office units as well as 40 variable iCubes for office, workshop or laboratory use on around 3,800 square metres of floor space starting In Spring 2021. The well thought-out infrastructure enables start-ups, spin-offs from research and industry, joint research projects as well as small and medium-sized companies to focus on the most important thing: their ideas! This includes ideally equipped seminar and event rooms of the congress center, an atrium with a reception area and gastronomy, fully equipped kitchenettes, various storage and laboratory options, shower and changing rooms, a fiber optic data link for smooth communication and an underground garage with e-charging stations.

If you want to get to your destination faster, you have to take short cuts. Embedded in the Mannheim Medical Technology Campus is the lighthouse of an ecosystem that brings together innovation, medical technology and urban quality of life in a purposeful way and within walking distance.

Meet, talk, think, discuss, weave ideas, start projects, plan, develop and implement together. Encounters and creative interaction with a wide range of protagonists from the world of medical technology and medicine are an essential part of the CUBEX ONE philosophy. At breakfast or at team lunch in the Campus Restaurant, with an espresso in the café or in the evening with a fine glass of wine from the region on the summer or roof terrace – the anatomy of success here is created by the joy of shaping the future. 


The Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology (PAMB) of Fraunhofer IPA operates a fully equipped experimental hybrid operating room in the startup and competence center for medical technology CUBEX 41. This is also available to the tenants of CUBEX ONE as a technology development platform, which enables development and testing in a clinical environment and thus an easy transfer to clinical application.



Together, the CUBEX sister-centers form the perfect infrastructure for the development and testing of medical technology products. In addition to their respective individual advantages, both centers also have common location advantages. They are well connected to public transport and are not far away from highway junctions as well as from Mannheim main station, a hub for national and international traffic. In addition, Mannheim has an airport for helicopters, propeller-driven airplanes and business jets.


Would you like to take a virtual tour of the CUBEX 41 Medical Technology Center?


A successful corporate culture and internationally recognized research centers are key features of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. The 5-HT Digital Hub Mannheim / Ludwigshafen which is part of the nationwide network de:hub, strengthens the topic of digitization specifically in the areas of chemistry and health. Numerous public and private venture investors ensure that innovative technologies and services are developed and available more quickly.

Focus: Digital Chemistry & Digital Health


The Baden-Württemberg Life Science Accelerator was created through the joint commitment of the Economic and Structural Support of the City of Mannheim, the MAFINEX Gründerverbund eV, the non-profit foundation for medical innovations in Tübingen, the Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V. and the Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH.

Through the cooperation of the founder associations and research facilities, the founding scene in Baden-Württemberg is supposed to be strengthened and the attractiveness of the partner cities as start-up locations to be increased. The Accelerator consists of three modules: “Medical Innovations Explorer”, “Medtech Startup School” and the “Startup Booster”.



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